Steve Cartmell -  I am a retired Sergeant with the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office in Southern Ohio.  I worked my entire career at the Sheriff's Office for 32 years and retired in September of 2021.   I was a Sergeant for 24 years and worked road patrol on the midnight shift.   I was the supervisor of the SWAT Team  for 7 years until I retired and the supervisor of the Marine Patrol (boat patrol) for 27 years.

        I started this podcast as a way to help with my PTSD and a way to express myself.  The podcast had episodes talking about some cases or dealings encountered during my years as a police officer.   My therapist suggested I might try to do podcasts as a way to express my feelings,  so I thought I would give it a try.

        The website was created as a way to show photos of some of the calls that are included in my episodes so you have a visual of the story you are listening to or had listened to.  


        If you see a law enforcement officer out and about, thank them.   These are the guys/gals who you call in your time of need.  They run into or towards what you run away from.   To all my brothers and sisters in blue, be safe and don't ever hesitate to ask for help for your mental state.   I am always here if you need to talk.  


First Respoders Bridge -     This organization helps first responders (active and retired) who think they may have issues with PTSD and seeing the signs.   They offer a retreat at no cost to the first responder.   To donate to a great cause, go check them out !!